Mikon Systems Company Projects Transportation Ticketing integrated system - Navrom Delta Tulcea
Ticketing integrated system - Navrom Delta Tulcea

Application mechanism

Project and realisation of an application for issuing tickets and travel permits for naval people transport.
The application aims to assembly a hardware and software system that can issue travel tickets at shore and on board of naval ships, considering that there are different types of tickets and passes like fully payed but also partially or totally financiary provided by the local authorities. For all the full-provided tickets the Ministry of Finance asks for a strict evidence, considering this, those tickets are issued on a previously emmited document. 

Hardware configuration

It was projected and implemented an ETHERNET communication network (at the central headquarters of the beneficiary) and WAN (at the pay desks onboard the naval ships and also at the onland pay desks at Sulina and Crisan). Each paydesk from WAN is provided, besides that register, with a PC, Access Point communication equipment and a system for reading the transport documents.


The application has a Client-Server structure formed by a central SERVER placed at the beneficiary's headquarters and an assembly of CLIENT applications placed onboard the ships and at onland paydesks.

The database

An important characteristic of this system in the data sincronization mechanism inside the WAN network that aims mainly to collect at the central headquarters the informations regarding the travelling tickets issued in the entire system and the disemination into the system of the informations regarding the travelling documents for the financially provided tickets issued from the central headquarter.

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